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Discovering the Sri Lankan community of Jordan

AMMAN – Unknown but still alive, the community of Sri Lankan Catholics in Jordan is organizing to bring faith and brotherhood to life, despite sometimes precarious and difficult living and working conditions. Discrete but increasingly numerous since the beginning of...

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International Disability Day at Our Lady of Peace Center, Amman

AMMAN – The World Day for people with disabilities was held at the Our Lady of Peace Center, welcomed and supported by a large gathering of their families and friends. On December 4, Our Lady of Peace Center hosted the World Disability Day, sponsored by Prince Mired...

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Jordan: In Aqaba, the Church is committed to the disabled

AQABA – In the south of Jordan, the Church is fighting to provide dignified care for people with disabilities and to raise awareness on the subject. At the end of the desert that crosses the country, between arid mountains, stands the city of Aqaba, on the borders of...

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