Solar system in Gaza Latin Compound

GAZA – In one of the world’s densely populated areas, the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem has concluded its first phase of Solar Photovoltaic System. Implemented in El-Zaitoun Latin Compound, the new life-changing technology will help maintain day-to-day activities, and ease the suffering of people living and working in the convent, whom depend on a more reliable source of energy.

As a result of the war in Gaza in July 2014, the school, the parish and the surrounding areas endured a power outage that lasted for 15 days. The compound also sustained several damages to its structure.

In Gaza, Palestinians depend largely on diesel generators for power as they receive electricity 3-5 hours a day. This poses serious problems in in the Convent’s daily life, from interruption of the education and learning cycle of the students in the school, to rising concerns for the security during the night and maintaining the youth and kindergarten activities.

The Latin Patriarchate, with the installation of the solar system, works towards counteracting the effects of the electricity problem that is plaguing the Gaza Strip. With the new system, the school and the compound can carry out its activities and learning development without relying on the main electric power source.

Last week, His Beatitude Patriarch Fouad Twal met with Mr. David Cecilia, Consul General of Italy in Jerusalem. The two discussed the conclusion of the first phase of the Solar Photovoltaic on Grid System and its new benefits to the local community.

The project was made possible with the generous sponsorship of the Consulate General of Italy in Jerusalem and the Patronage of Turin Municipality.

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