GAZA – In the span of 5 months, the Priest house and Parish office have undergone a complete overhaul to ensure adequate living and working conditions in the El Zaitoun Latin Compound.

The Latin Patriarchate project consisted of rehabilitating two components of the El Zaitoun Latin Compound which are the Priest house and the Parish office. It included remodelling two guest rooms, the external staircase and the access to the house. Moreover, the chapel room was also enlarged and all necessary electrical and mechanical infrastructure were installed.

The Parish office was remodelled and enlarged in order for the priest to receive parishioners and to provide a spacious place for the administrative assistant to work in.

The project currently benefits the resident religious communities, visitors and the parishioners.

The project was made possible by the valuable support of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem




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