EIN ARIK – The Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem has rehabilitated one of the buildings of the Sisters’ Convent.
Rehabilitation of the building was much needed as its state of was deteriorating, due to a leaking and water problem especially during the the winter season. Cracks in the foundation, floor tiles and walls were also found in the building.
New electrical and piping systems were installed under the floor to replace damaged equipment. The cables and network system of the roof of the Church and the sisters’ house were rearranged. Furthermore, the convent’s rooms were remodelled and furnished.
The project not only provides the sisters of the convent with proper and healthy living conditions but it also allows them to better serve the small Christian community of Ein Arik in the Ramallah Governorate.
The project was made possible by the valuable support of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem, a local donor and the Ein Arik parish contribution.