GAZA – Due to the lack of a space to provide community services, the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem rehabilitated the area under the Parish priest house into a multipurpose community service hall and two administrative offices.
The projects consisted of laying the ground floor with water proof concrete, installing new floor tiles. The community service hall includes now a small kitchenette, two bathrooms and one storage room. A new electrical network and internet were also installed to serve the residents and visitors.
The project, which took three months to complete, currently offers the Parish priest the necessary space to receive visitors and parishioners. Moreover, the community service hall can be used now to hold youth lectures, workshops, scout’s gatherings, pastoral and interfaith dialog seminars.
The completion of the project was made possible with the valuable support of Manos Unidas from Spain and the Order of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem, USA North Central Lieutenancy.




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