Nablus – the renovation of the nuns’s home is completed, offering appropriate living conditions for the nuns.

Nablus is a Palestinian city in the northern of the West Bank, in the north of Jerusalem (one hour by car). This is the economic center for the area. Nablus is far from the usual tourist and pilgrim sites. However, Jacob’s well is located in this city where Jesus Christ pass through this well. A small Jewish sect called Samaritan still occupies a hill is the city. This small sect dates from seventh century BC. The nuns’ convent in Nablus is part of the Latin Patriarchate complex in the city. The complex consists of a church, parish hall, school and kindergarten, external playgrounds and nuns’ and priests houses.

The project consisted in renovating the nuns’s residence, which needed urgent electrical and civils works. The home needed secure and steel protection for three verandas, aluminium windows and doors and a solar system for hot water too. At last, the washing room area needed to be rehabilitated and the rooms waterproofed.

The Project included the following:

  • All burned wires and electrical cables were replaced with a new electrical connection.
  • All external wires and cables are embedded inside the walls, with new electrical cabinet.
  • All front and back old veranda windows and doors were replaced with aluminum double glass type.
  • New steel protection was supplied and installed for the front windows and veranda.
  • Floor tiles for the two sister’s bedrooms, main saloon and veranda were replaced.
  • Washing room area was rehabilitated, including all connections tiles and fittings.
  • A new water proofing membrane and slope layer for the old roof house was installed.
  • New solar water system at the roof, for the hot water was installed.
  • External sewerage line and manhole connections were made for all bathrooms.
  • New concrete slab for the external sidewalks was made to protect the foundations of the building.
  • Painting and cleaning was done for all internal walls and ceiling of the house.
  • The existing kitchen cabinets were rehabilitated and new granite top was installed.
  • Pointing works and stone repair at the house entrance were done.
  • Pointing works and stone repair at the house entrance.


Thanks to the German Lieutenancy of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, the Associazione Volontari l’Accoglienza, and all local contributions, this project was successfully completed.