JORDAN – From April till July 2016, expansion of the yard and rehabilitation of the old restrooms of the Tla’ El Ali school had concluded.

Tla’ El Ali school currently comprises a kindergarten and grades from 1-9 and it has a 60 pre-school children and 278 students. In order to adhere to regulations issued by the Ministry of Education in Jordan and to provide appropriate spaces and facilities for students, teachers, workers and the school directors, the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem expanded the yard, rehabilitated and built new restrooms.

Expansion of the yard consisted of removing existing restrooms in the yard, demolishing the staircase and interior walls and paving the yard with asphalt. The project also consisted of rehabilitating the old restrooms and building new external ones that replaced the restrooms that were demolished in the yard.

The rehabilitation and expansion of Tal el Ali school in Jordan, was made possible by the support of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem.