Our Lady of Palestine – In order to make the meetings and the prayers of the visitors more pleasant and contented, the LPJ together with the generous support of the Portuguese Lieutenancy of EOHSJ and Mr. Olivier Schulte Ladbeck, EOHSJ-Germany, were able to execute the work of refurbishing the front yard of the Church of Deir Rafat.

The sanctuary of Our Lady Queen of Palestine and the Holy Land, known also as Deir Rafat, is currently a convent running a guest house and a retreat centre for believers and Holy Land pilgrims. Christians of the Holy Land celebrates there the feast of Our Lady of Palestine on the last Sunday of October every year. Despite the importance of this place, the front yard of the Church was very old and plain; the furniture was rusty and worn out, making it uncomfortable for visitors to enjoy the place and the scenery there. The rehabilitation’s project wanted to renovate and enhance the garden place.

The works included:

  1. Pebbles that serve in creating a decorative boarder and a landscape path, providing pretty ground and soil cover to the front yard.
  2. Purchasing woods in order to use it to build new chairs, tables and benches to be used there.
  3. Plants and flowers to be put in the garden to decorate it and create a warm environment.
  4. Big shaders to prevent the fruits and leaves from falling and one big sun shade sail.

The front yard garden is now beautiful and available for use. With the project’s every detail, the Sisters of Bethlehem, who look after the sanctuary, went together above and beyond to ensure the satisfaction and the comfort of pilgrims and visitors alike. This made the end result something the visitors will enjoy for many coming years.


Before :



After ;