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GAZA – The work at the priest house and the parish office have started last month, January 2016.

The priest house at the Gaza Parish is very deteriorated with a risk for the safety of the building and its residents. The chapel needs repairs and enlargement. The last war in Gaza affected parts of the exterior of the building, causing major cracks to the structure. The parish office, adjacent to the priest home has no space available for the administrative assistant of the parish. The place needs better gathering conditions for the parishioners, with a proper space to receive them when meeting with the parish priest.

Works at the Priest house and the Parish office have started last month, January 2016 : the work is now in process and aiming to be finished in 4 months.

The project consists of remodelling all existing places in the building, with two guest rooms, demolishing unsafe and unused areas such as the old external kitchen, external balcony and storage room. It project aims to remodel all external staircase and accesses to the priest house, external guest rooms, parish office and a car parking area. The second part of the works consists of building a new water proofing system, with electrical and mechanical works for the building.

With the generous contributions and sustainable support from the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, this project was made possible.

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