Apostolic Administrator

Dear Friends,

pizzaballah-portrait-sThe Lord's work is really loving our neighbor, loving and caring for one another, especially those in greatest need, and especially for those of the “household of faith”. The development office of the Latin Patriarchate is established to carry out this work. Utilizing means and methods to do the work efficiently and effectively is important. And so we have established a project development office webpage. Here you will read its objective and its plans, projects, needs and opportunities. The Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem has a tremendous responsibility toward the Church communities, the Christian faithful by offering humanitarian help, housing, pastoral activities, and educational, social and spiritual projects.

Pope John Paul II once remarked, “As the family goes, so goes the nation and so goes the whole world in which we live.” How true! It has always been the great and sweet burden of the Latin Patriarchate to ensure that the family unit is the fundamental building block of the local community and of society at large. This effort cannot be pursued only by offering spiritual teaching and direction but must encompass a holistic approach in its work and assistance.

The turmoil in the Middle East has weakened the economy. Consequently, unemployment is high, especially in rural villages and this has resulted in impoverished living conditions. Increased family tensions make it difficult for children and adults. The end result is a gradual and, in some cases, rapid breakdown of the family unit. You can help Holy Land families improve their living conditions by participating in one or more projects of our development office. Please read and take to heart the projects that are planned and prayerfully consider partnering to make sure that the local communities build their capacity and sustainability. Your help will bring greater opportunities for families to lead safe, healthy and productive lives.

We pray for those whom the Lord has blessed with abundance to share with the poor and the most dependent, who find it hardest to provide for themselves. Your thoughtfulness and generosity are deeply appreciated by all of us and especially those who are most in need of your goodness.

With every good wish and blessing, I commend you and your families to the care of the Holy Family of Nazareth!

Pierbattista Pizzaballa, Apostolic Administrator