JERUSALEM – On December 16th, 2015, His Beatitude, Patriarch Fouad Twal, has inaugurated and blessed the newly rehabilitated Project Development Office for the Patriarchate.

Present to the ceremony, were The General Administrator of the LPJ, Fr. Imad Twal, Mr. Jorge Jardim and family, Knights of the Order from Portugal, who were visiting Jerusalem; the staff of the PDO office, as well as members of all the other departments.
The location was  in very poor conditions, as it faced some humidity and infiltration problems, caused by a neighboring home. The space was used as a deposit, and unfortunately due to the lack of use and humidity, it has deteriorated with the time.
The main beneficiary of this project is the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, as this office serves in a direct way all the internal departments of the Patriarchate, and externally, the benefactors and donors of the Institution. The Christian communities of the Holy Land (Palestine, Israel, Jordan and Cyprus), are also beneficiaries, as this office is responsible for the study, elaboration and fundraising of the projects, in benefit to these communities, helping to fulfill the mission of the Patriarchate towards the Christians of the Holy Land.
Thanks to the support and dedication of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem – Portuguese Lieutenancy, and Pilgrimage People from England; the rehabilitation was made it possible.

Before :


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