Jenin – The project of rehabilitation of the Jenin’s convent, started in 2014, is completed. It offers decent gathering conditions for the parishioners and the priest.

Jenin is a Palestinian city located in the north of West Bank, which have about 39.000 people. It’s now the administrative center of Jenin governorate. The Latin Parish situated in the center of Jenin can’t be separated from the local context whereby Jenin has been pounded over the past decades with severe hits to its economy and social structure. The Parish extends not only religious and educational services to children and families alike, but supports the social wellbeing of a small number of families whose heritage and whose witness could otherwise fade. It is important to note that the Parish in Jenin serves all the Christian families not only in Jenin, but also in Bourqin, Deir Ghazaleh, Jalameh, Kafr Qoud, Sabah el Kheir and Ya’bad, hence outreaching to additional tens of Christian families coming from those areas.

The renovation project consisted in upgrading, rehabilitating and reallocating all indoor and outdoor spaces of the convent. To begin, with the priest’s residence: creation of a new access by external stairs in the convent’s outdoor court, to provide more external facilities for entrance and all necessary civil works and electro-mechanicals installations. Next with the repair existing the only one convent chapel and the parish gathering hall, including outdoor areas. Accessibility was redesigned, with the new entrance for the priests house and also all appropriate outdoor spaces for children and families, always for better gathering conditions.

Thanks to the generous donation from the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, this project was made it possible.