MADABA- The nun’s convent in Madaba was not considered a suitable living place for its residents, and does not comply with the minimum health and safety standards. The bathroom and the rooms were very small, old and deteriorated. The old kitchen was not functional, lacking very basic items considered essential for eating or living in this house. The place needed rehabilitation in order to create a healthy and good environment for the sisters’ community living there.

The Latin Patriarchate projects and engineering teams have decided on renovating the nun’s residence there. The project included: electrical, mechanical, tiling and civil works, rehabilitation of the washing rooms,  painting and cleaning were done for all internal walls and ceiling of the house, the existing kitchen cabinets were rehabilitated and installed, AC units and electrical power sources were installed as well, roof insulation work was done to avoid the water to pass below the insulation layer, the convent was enlarged to create 5 new rooms to cope with the number of sisters living in the convent.

The direct and ultimate beneficiaries of the project are: The Rosary sisters community which will now be able to live in a proper space with suitable and healthy living conditions for their coming years of service in the parish, and also for the nuns that will serve in Madaba in the future.

The indirect beneficiary of the project is the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem that strives to provide the best for its people and to allow the continuity of the LPJ biblical mission in serving its communities in the Holy Land.

The completion of work required 2 months from starting date. It started in October and finished in mid-December. The work was managed and supervised by the Project Service Department, and complied with all LPJ internal contracting and supervision procedures.