JERUSALEM – On Wednesday May 18, 2016, the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem saw the refurbishment of its reception area with an aesthetically pleasant re design and comfortable furniture.

The new setting offers visitors and staff alike an agreeable waiting room.  LPJ recognized the importance of having an adequately arranged and functional reception area, in which visitors can wait for their appointments or have short meetings. Moreover, the new setting not only created a pleasant atmosphere, but will also provide important information about the various LPJ parishes and works alike.

The new reception includes a TV, sofas, a round center table, two round small tables, a carpet, and some framed pictures. Furthermore, two cabinets have been installed;  the first one displays items from projects supported by the LPJ: olive wood crafts, made by Bethlehem artisans, Olive Oil and Lamps produced by the Iraq Christian Refugees in Jordan, at the new Mercy Garden Workshops at OLOPC;  and Baskets from Kuchinate Studio, an African Refugee Women’s Collective, in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The second cabinet features adequately displayed brochures, books and publications about LPJ centers and parishes, so visitors can enjoy reading informative materials and publications while visiting.

The rehabilitation of the reception area was made possible by the generous support of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem, Portuguese Lieutenancy.