JORDAN – The renovation of the Convent and church of Al Smakeyeh / Al Karak is completed.

The renovation began on the 10th of August and ended on the 30th of the same month. The purpose was to renovate small parts of the convent and the church which will benefit the parishioners and the priests there.

The project required first civil work like isolating the roof of the church and the convent, painting the walls of the church and ceiling, and maintaining the stone at the entrance of the church. Second, maintaining the roof pipes and all the mechanical fittings in the convent. Third, electrical work including the replacement and maintenance of wires and cables on the roof and all the outlets, switches, electrical panels and lighting units in the church and convent.

With the generous financial support and the substantial contributions, we were able to conduct and complete this project which will benefit the Al-Samakeyeh Parish and will allow the continuity of the LPJ biblical mission in serving its congregation.