New Projects


GA 100/17: Purchasing a New Bus in Mafraq Parish for the Syrian Refugees, Jordan

Human Rights

GA 090/17 : 6th Annual Regional Canonical Conference 2017 - Catholic bishops, judges, lawyers and pastors - Dead Sea, Jordan


GA 061/16 : The prison ministry assistance and support in Jordan
GA 063/16 : The prison ministry assistance and support in Israel


GA 007/15 : Undergraduate Scholarship Fund AUM
GA 012/15 : Nablus school construction
GA 030/15 : Upgrading of kindergartens in Palestine
GA 041/16 : Shaded sports and recreational area for the latin school – Gaza
GA 042/16 : Rehabilitation and upgrading of computer labs in LPJ schools
GA 043/16 : Playgrounds for Palestine
GA 048/16 : Scholarship Program for High Education in Palestine and Jordan 2016
GA 086/17 : Rehabilitation and upgrading of computer labs in Reineh LP school, Israel


GA 102/17 : Purchasing new equipment for Beit-Afram elderly house in Taybeh
GA 020/15 : Humanitarian – health and food program
GA 054/16 : Humanitarian and emergency relief aid fund
GA 060/16 : Kuchinate – African refugee Women Collective
GA 068/16 : Archangel Michael Nursing Home


GA 088/17 : Summer Camps 2017
GA 082/16 : Catholic Scouts Camp for the Holy Land in Jordan - Summer 2017

Building Rehabilitation

GA 099/17 : Rehabilitation works at Beit-Afram elderly house in Taybeh
GA 084/17 : Rehabilition works for Saint-Joseph Kindergarten Outdoor yard
GA 066/16 : Cultural Meeting Center completion of 1st and 2nd floors – OLPC
GA 046/16 : Expanding the Projects Department Site Office (PDSO) - Bethlehem
GA 004/15 : Renovation of Pastoral Center of Beit Sahour
GA 096/17 : Establishing a Community Center at the Latin Parish of Ein Arik - 2nd floor parish hall
GA 092/17 : Establishing a youth center at the Latin Parish of Beit Jala
GA 006/15-12 : Upgrade and provide new permanent electrical power to the Latin Compound in Gaza
GA 011/15 : Housing Project in Nablus
GA 013/15 : Renovation of Parish Hall if Beit Jala
GA 026/15 : Rehabilitation work of Our Lady of Woman of Valor center
GA 031/16 : Job creation program for Christian population through expanding the printing press working place Palestine in Beit Jala
GA 034/16 : Knights Palace Hotel Jerusalem renovation and enhancement
GA 069/16 : Reineh Church Enlargement
GA 075/16 : Rehabilitation of the Parish Priest House and Office at Jabal Amman Parish
GA 077/16 : Rehabilitation works for Al-Salt Convent Project
GA 080/16 : Rooms Upgrade and Bathrooms Rehabilitation at OLOPC

Economic Growth

GA 065/16 : Create new economic opportunities through the building of a retail store centre in Beit Sahour


GA 051/16 : Installing photovoltaic power system at Ramallah church
GA 073/16 : Building a water well in Wasiyeh Parish
GA 091/17 : 
Installing solar photovoltaic on grid for Marj Al Hamam church 
GA 101/17:Installing solar photovoltaic on grid for the Parish of Zarqa South