Scout Center, Bethlehem – On March 30, 2015, four scout groups from the Bethlehem area (Beit Sahour, Beit Jala, Bethlehem parishes together with Salesian scout groups) planted 103 tree seedlings on site of the Scout Center.

The centralized Scout center will serve around 2500 members from all ages and both genders. Having a permanent camping site will also minimize the cost of all related scouting activities (reunions, camping, leadership workshops, etc.) that are usually held in various areas.

An important part of the site construction was to plant trees. Trees play an important role in the landscape, particularly for a scout center. After careful planning to avoid the creation of hazardous tree situations, the engineering team developed a landscape protection plan in cooperation with the agriculture engineer before beginning with the construction.

The trees are being watered on regular basis, as there is not enough rain. To sustain the growth of the seedlings and ensure a beautiful and healthy site, fertilizers were also bought to improve the soil. Moreover, to provide support from the weather, a wooden stick was inserted in the soil next to each tree. To protect the trees from animals, a small round steel fence was built around each tree. Two hundred trees will be planted later when the construction will be completed, so as to determine the appropriate location.

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