BEIT JALA – In June 2015, twenty-two seminarians from Beit Jala Minor Seminary participated in one week training. The Patriarchate General Administration team and the Project Development Office gave them a full formation about voluntary work, service, time management and project development.

A complete and fraternal team of experts came to offer the training, from the Latin Patriarchate General Administration and the Project Development Office: Rev. Fr Imad Twal, Henrique and Carola Abreu, Nadine Jeldeh, Rania Ma’ayeh and Fr George Ayoub, Chancellor.

Deacon Ramzi Ghanen, from Jordan, was also invited as a guest to help in the training.

Father Imad Twal gave the first intervention, providing a full training on life skills and communication methods, about teamwork and the spiritual preparation needed to meet with young people. He gave several examples of catholic leadership and education through special programs as scouting, games, listening or actions. He also spoke about problem solving, how to lead a meeting and how to deal with financial programs and issues. Deacon Ramzi Ghanen then gave a significant insight on Catholic scouting, its mission and vision.

And finally, father George Ayoub also offered an interesting presentation on the Latin Patriarchate Chancellery, its role and its importance.

Then Henrique Abreu, from the Project Development Office, presented to the seminarians the principles and benefits of voluntary work, through examples of service given to the Christians of the Holy land. He also offered them training on how to become a servant leader, cultivating a culture of trust and encouragement through altruism and humility.

The seminarians also enjoyed a formation on project development. They were presented first the new website of the Project Development Office and the objectives of this new office dealing with all the diocese’s projects, in Palestine, Jordan, Cyprus and Israel. They were explained the complete circle of a project, from the identification of the need to the realization of the project that is concluded by a final report and gratitude letters to donors. The different steps of project development were fully explained as well as useful tips to write a proposal for fundraising.

Finally, they received a great training on time management, how to plan your day, managing your inbox, categorizing your tasks or writing a to do list.

Such a training to help the seminarians mastering their time and skills was for the future good of all and for a better spiritual availability.

Myriam Ambroselli