“Each of us is the result of a thought of God. Each of us is willed. Each of us is loved. Each of us is necessary
H.H Pope Benedict XVI

Beit Afram is a home for seniors on the one hand and a rehabilitation center for handicapped people on the other hand. It offers 3 services:
  • Day-care for seniors. The goal is to allow them to meet, to carry out activities together, to enjoy a hot meal
  • Residence service for 16 elderly people who do not have their families around them to take care of them
  • Entertainment and rehabilitation for physically and mentally handicapped people, mostly children. 12 people in Taybeh alone and 250 in the region will be able benefit from this service.

The Principles adopted:

  • Priority is given to demands coming from Taybeh, but in the event of places available, the home will welcome seniors from outside Taybeh too.
  • Beit Afram is opened in priority for those who need its services the most, whatever their financial means

In 2002, a survey has been conducted by the three churches “Catholic, Orthodox, & Greek Catholic” in Taybeh. It found that 40 senior citizens whose age 65+ were identified who were lacking proper daily care. In response, the local parish together with the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem established a pioneer project in Taybeh to serve senior citizens who are marginalized and largely unattended.
There is no similar home for seniors in the region but in Jerusalem and Bethlehem. However due to the separation wall, access to these homes is very difficult both for the seniors and for their families during visits. Thus the center not only caters for the needs of the senior citizens but allows for job opportunities as well as direct economic support to services in Taybeh.
The center provided all necessary day and night care to senior citizens and attend with the limited resources available to their dietary and medical needs. The center provides laundry services to personal attires to all residents.
Since 2012, a team of several Brazilian missionnaries from the community called “Children of Mary”, including a psychologist, a nurse and a physiotherapist is fully dedicated to the well-being of the elderly of this house. Today 25 seniors live there from Taybeh, Birzeit and Jerusalem, with 8 missionaries and 10 local employees.

Taybeh is a Palestinian village located In the center of the West Bank,only 30 km from Jerusalem. From its elevated site (920m) between biblical Samaria and Judea, it overlooks the desert wilderness, the Jordan Valley, Jericho and Dead Sea. Taybeh is one of the most ancient places in Palestine, dating back to the Bronze Age. Established by the Canaanites between 2500-2900 BC, Taybeh is mentioned in the Old Testament as Ofra (Joshua, Judges, I Samuel). It is Ephraim, the village in which Jesus chose to stay with His disciples before his Passion.
The original Church of St. George, built by the Byzantines in the 5th century and rebuilt by the Crusaders in the 12th century, lies in ruins on the eastern outskirts of Taybeh; it is still used nowadays for social and traditionnal rites. Surrounded by Muslim villages, Israeli settlements and military roadblocks, Taybeh is the only Christian village in Palestine with 100% Christian population and counts three parishes: Latin, Melkite and Orthodox.

The Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem is very grateful to all its partners, agencies, institutions and individual donors around the world, who support our mission and work every day. Your support and assistance makes a difference in the lives of thousands of Christians of the Holy Land, improving their material existence, but also showing solidarity with the indigenous Holy Land Christians, struggling to keep their dignity and to remain in the land of Jesus.

If you are interested in contributing to a project, please contact us by mail ; cegr@lpj.org

“We wanted to build this beautiful home because we believe that these old people have suffered so much during their lives, that they have earned the right to end their lives in cheerfulness and dignity”

Video presentation of the Elderly House of Taybeh

Concerning the seniors, 3 facts have guided the project:

– The numerous seniors in need of assistance in the region: 40 people in Taybeh only, including 23 on permanent medical treatment and 8 in need of very special care as they live on their own.

– There exists no similar homes for seniors in the region but in Jerusalem. However due to the seperation wall, access to these homes is very difficult both for the seniors and for their families during visits.
– Number of young people have emigrated leaving their parents alone with neither pension nor health insurance.