JERUSALEM – On Wednesday August 3, 2016, the Representative of the Polish Government  signed an agreement with the Latin Patriarchate to support the rehabilitation of the school facilities in the Latin Compound of El- Zaitoun in the Gaza Strip.

During the visit,  Dr. Aleksandra Bukowska-McCabe, Polish Head of Mission to Palestine, met with Rev. Fr. Imad Twal, General Administrator of the LPJ, where they discussed various recent world events and the rehabilitation of the Latin School facilities in Gaza.

The project, which is one of the priorities for the Latin Compound intervention, will provide the school with more classrooms for its 11th and 12th grades, in addition to music and religions classes. Also, an entire infrastructural repair is needed for the internal and external structure and mechanical elements.
Once completed, the school will be able to offer its students a more safe and unique educational environment.

During her visits to the Latin schools in Gaza, Mrs. Bukowska-McCabe noted the high quality education and values that these schools are instilling in their students. “I was very impressed with the remarkable level of education and intelligence the students have showed”, she said.

Being part of this project represents a crucial contribution for the common good of society as a whole. “It’s very important for us to cooperate in these kind of projects, not only for the benefit of Christians but also for the whole community as well” the Polish Head of Mission said.

Moreover, Mrs. Bukowska-McCabe had the chance to talk to H.E. Bishop William Shomali, Patriarchal Vicar for Jerusalem and Palestine, about the participation of over 2 million young people in the World Youth Day,  that took place in Krakow from July 25-31, 2016.  Bishop Shomali commended the hospitality of the Polish people and their readiness to help. He said, “Although we didn’t speak each other’s language, friendship doesn’t need languages as it can be expressed in many ways. We were very touch by their hospitality.”

The project and engineering teams at Latin Patriarchate expect the conclusion of the rehabilitation works by end of 2016. Two more sponsors are contributing to the realization of this project, which are: the Portuguese Government and the L’Œuvre d’Orient Association.

Agreement signing at Latin Patriarchate


Visit to LPJ Gaza works

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Previous conditions at Latin schools in Gaza


On going works

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