Bibles for the Youth of the Holy Land

Project code

GA 105/17

Brief summary

During the 5 years of establishment of the Christ book store in Beit-Sahour, many Christian students from private and public schools and universities asked for a convenient Bible print that would suit their youth life and carriage. The Jesuit society in Lebanon (Dar Al Machreq) printed several copies of the New & Old Testament in one version which fulfilled the need of the youth. In the year 2016 the Jesuit print house decided to stop printing the bible size which we found convenient for our youth and make a different size. Upon our continuous urges to reprint the earlier copy, Dar Al Machreq agreed to make a special copy for Palestine and Jordan.

The Pastoral Youth office in the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem serves the general youth community in Palestine and Jordan through two separate and connected entities. They serve the youth under the supervision of two parish priests Fr .Bashar Fawadleh and Fr .Wissam Mansour. The initiative of this project serves the entire population that is part of the parish youth communities in the Jordan and Palestine. The bible will be sold in 2 bookstores affiliated with the Youth Pastoral Office at a low price to encourage youth to have their own personal bible for school use, bible studies, and youth meetings.

Proposed budget

USD 17,400.00