Rehabilitation work of pastoral center – Tel Aviv

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Read the proposal


Tel Aviv – Israel

Project code

GA 026/15

Brief summary

The Center offers Catholic formation for the Hebrew-speaking children of migrants who are encouraged to find their place within Israeli society and within the Church. It is a home away from home for many migrant children, whose parents work long hours, assuring their wellbeing and their religious formation. Infant care and after-school program are also available in a safe environment with adult supervision. Children camps are also organized in the summer.

The primary beneficiaries of this Center are the migrant workers from Southeast Asian countries (Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, etc) and asylum seekers from Africa (Eritrea, Sudan, Ethiopia, etc), who avail of the services offered at the Center for adults and children and a place which they can consider a home for celebrations and a place of refuge.

Proposed budget

$ 85,211.00