Completion of Construction of Saint Paul Church

Completion of Construction - Saint Paul Church - Jubeiha Jordan

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Jubeiha, Jordan

Project code

GA 072/16

Brief summary

The Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem is intending to complete the construction works at the church in Jubeiha, Jordan. The rationale behind building the church started by an initiative from the parishioners and the parish priest of Jubeiha, to have a church where they can pray and celebrate all the liturgical events in it. By local and private contributions, the initiative was made possible and the construction works for the church have started. However, lack of funding has resulted in freezing the construction. Nowadays, the parishioners of Jubeiha do not have a suitable location for them to pray, therefore the school hall has been temporarily used as a church, until the construction works of the parish church will be completed.


Proposed budget

Phase 1 : JOD 186,385.52

Phase 2 : JOD 456,655.29

Phase 3 : JOD 367,544.62

Phase 4 : JOD 42,000.00

Grand total in JOD : 1,052,585.43 ( $1,489,661.00)