Installing solar photovoltaic on grid for the Parish of Zarqa South

Read the proposal

Read the proposal


Zarqa South, Jordan


Project Code

GA 101/17


Brief Summary

Due to the high cost of generating power and in order to reduce the high costs of electricity, the LPJ management staff is planning to upgrade the photovoltaic power system at the Latin parish of Zarqa South in Jordan. There is an urgent need to have a clean renewable energy for the school, the church, the convent and the parish hall to be green energy.

The Solar Photovoltaic System will be on grid connected. A basic on-grid system consists of a renewable energy source, Pv Modules that generates DC power, Inverters take DC power and convert it to AC power so it can be fed into the utility grid. The inverter is the intelligence center of a renewable system, seamlessly converting DC power to clean and reliable AC electricity for daily needs.


Proposed Budget

USD 68,098