Purchasing a New Bus in Mafraq Parish for the Syrian Refugees

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Purchasing a New Bus
 in Mafraq Parish for the Syrian Refugees – GA 100/17

Project Code

GA 100/17

Brief Summary

Tens of thousands of Syrian refugees remain stranded in worsening humanitarian conditions at the border with Jordan, where food is running out and disease is rife. The Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, with the support of the parish priests in Northern Jordan are putting all their efforts to support the refugees nancially, humanitarianly, morally and spiritually.

The parish priests, Fr. Francis Shahin, takes responsibility of transferring the students from the refugee camps spread on the borders between Syria and Jordan to the parish in Mafraq. Some children live far away from the parish, a distance of 7-8 km which makes the transportation more complicated. The bus of the school currently serves in transferring the children to the camps; however, it is not suf cient for 350 students. The parish priest many times is forced to rent buses from different companies in order to transfer the students, which costs a lot of money. Therefore, the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem is intending to buy a new bus that will serve for the refugees and reduce the cost of transportation on the parish of Mafraq.

Proposed Budget

USD 56,373.00