Rooms Upgrade and Bathrooms Rehabilitation at OLOPC



Project Code

GA 080/16

Brief Summary

Our Lady of Peace Center is becoming one of the most important places in Jordan that hosts different cultural, social and religious events due to its professional services, strategic place and cooperative staff.

For that reason, the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem is intending to upgrade 8 rooms in the Center to accommodate guests, such as bishops, Knights of the Holy Sepulcher, scholars and VIP guests. The rooms will be rehabilitated to provide proper air conditioning, heating and new furniture. The upgrading will include rehabilitating all the bathrooms in the rooms to meet the required standards of the center. The current rooms in the center offer a very simple form of accommodation, with multiple beds in the room, no heating/AC, and a non functional bathroom. These rooms are mostly used by the Scouts, youth movements, seminarians, and university students.

Proposed Budget

USD 46,537.64