Tla’ el Ali school rehabilitation and expansion

Read the proposal

Read the proposal


Tla’ El Ali, Jordan


Project code

GA 049/16


Brief summary

The yard of the school, to be in compliance with the new regulation of the Ministry of Education, need to be expanded to be suitable for the number of students attending the school. For this reason, the school was requested to promptly satisfy the new conditions established. The actual yard is 396 m2 and by modifying the existing upper level area it could reach the area of 537 m2 and be in compliance with the Ministry of Education’s regulations.

The expansion consists first in the demolition of the existing bathroom on the upper level of the yard, the demolition of the staircase and interior walls, and secondly in the reconstruction of new retaining walls and staircases and the leveling and paving of the yard.

The second part of the project consists in the construction of new external bathrooms to replace the one located at the upper level of the yard that will be demolished. The location for the new bathroom has already been identified, in a part of the school now used as storage.


Proposed budget

JOD 89,306.25