Establishing a Community Center at the Latin Parish of Ein Arik

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Project code

GA 096/17

Brief summary

The existing ground floor of the parish building is for the Kindergarten, and the first floor consists of a multi-purpose hall for the different ceremonies and events of the school and kindergarten, like graduation ceremonies, exhibitions, etc. However, there is no proper and suitable place for the parish activities, the Catholic scouts, Catholic church organizations like the Legion of Mary and other church communities to gather and meet weekly.

Therefore, after examining the needs of the Parish in Ein Arik, the Latin Patriarchate, with the support of the parish priest, is intending to construct a new floor on the parish building for the parishioners and the community of Ein Arik. The project consists of building a second floor that will contain several rooms and halls in order to host different events and activities for the parishioners. Ein Arik parish strives to serve and enrich the lives of its parishioners and the people in the community by providing them a place to meet and conduct their weekly activities.

Proposed budget

$US 92,110.00