Rehabilitation workd for Saint Joseph Kindergarten Outdoor Yard

Read the Proposal

Read the Proposal


Nablus, Palestine

Project code

GA 84/17

Brief summary

The playground will be designed and built to comply with safety regulations for small children and families, in addition of having recreational equipment such as: seesaws, swing sets, slides, spring toys, houses and tunnel slides, benches, gazebos, in addition to maintenance work for the existing toys.

The playground will be painted in several colors to create a joyful and colorful atmosphere for the kids. Moreover, the project includes some landscaping work, by planting some flowers and trees in the playgrounds, adding an ecological value to the outdoor playing environment. A new rubber padding and safe fencing will be installed, in addition to a safe covered area with a shaded steel structure, offering protection for the children, due to the heat and sun, especially in the summer months.

Proposed budget

$US 29,471.26