Rehabilitation Works at Beit-Afram Elderly House in Taybeh

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Project code

GA 099/17

Brief summary

In 2002, a survey has been conducted by the three churches “Catholic, Orthodox, & Greek Catholic” in Taybeh. It found that 40 senior citizens whose age 65+ were identified who were lacking proper daily care. In response, the local parish together with the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem established a pioneer project in Taybeh to serve senior citizens who are marginalized and largely unattended.

The center provides all necessary day and night care to senior citizens and attends with the limited resources available to their dietary and medical needs. The center also provides laundry services to personal attires to all residents.

In order to make the elderly house of Beit Afram a more suitable place, two kinds of needs have been highlighted by the Latin Patriarchate teams. On one hand, deep repair of the water pipeline for 5 bathrooms has to be urgently done. On another hand, there are necessary external works that will make the center safer and more adequate to the needs of senior citizens.

Proposed budget

$US 9,116.00