Scout Center in Bethlehem – Phase II

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Project Code

GA 070/16

Brief Summary

To address the above needs, the Latin Patriarchate has allocated a piece of land in an ideal location in Bethlehem for the purpose of establishing and operating a permanent scout camp and center. The camp site, as well as center, will be built on an area of around 5,000m2 that will provide sample space for indoor and outdoor scouts’ activities.

The project is divided into two main phases: the rst phase included designing and licensing, constructing the building, excavation and skeleton works, external works and landscaping, installing a lighting system and building bathrooms. The second phase will include building a protection boundary wall with a fence for safety and security reasons, installing a new electro-mechanical main gate, CCTV cameras, solar led lighting system and some other works.


Proposed Budget

US$ 269,973.3