Upgrade of the Latin Patriarchate Media/Communication Office Jerusalem

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Project Code

GA 076/16

Brief Summary

The Media/Communication Of ce of the LPJ is in urgent need of upgrading its equipment, and creating a new website for the Patriarchate. Some of the computers are obsolete or not even working anymore. This imposes long delays on the staff to perform their daily duties and to produce the fast results required by the social media and the communication channels in the Holy Land.

The current website is not very attractive and offers limited tools for the user. It does not offer any protection against hackers. The service offered to modify or make any changes on the present website is limited, and training is also required. Due to the type and format of the old website, the Media Of ce is not able to perform the changes needed, and to have the exibility and customer service offered by the new web designer.


Proposed Budget

$ 12,985.00