Summer Camps 2017


Read the proposal

Read the proposal

Palestine, Jordan, Israel

Summer Camps 2017 in Jordan, Palestine, Israel – GA 88 17

Project Code

GA 88/17

Brief Summary

There is a need for summer programs that focus on spiritual, educational and recreational skills for the parishes serving low-income communities in impoverished areas as well as areas of confict. Our children and youth need to be involved in programs that provide activities to support them throughout the summer break.

The main objectives of the summer programs are:

    • To provide a safe, healthy and productive environment for children and youth to spend their summer time, especially for those who come from unprivileged socio-economic backgrounds, conflict areas and war zones;
    • To provide regular daily activities to children and youth from elementary, middle and high schools;
    • To allow youth and children to spend their summer time in educational and recreational activities to prevent them from bad behaviors like street violence, drug abuse, etc.
    • Organize activities to encourage spiritual growth of children and volunteers alike;
    • Arrange activities to develop a sense of trust, respect, understanding and empathy towards one another.

Proposed Budget

USD 2,000 for each parish