Renovation of Parish Hall in Beit Jala

Read the Proposal

Read the Proposal



Project code

GA 013/15


Brief summary

  1. The Beit Jala parish strives to serve and enrich the lives of its parishioners and the people in the community. The primary goal is to repair and renovate the parish hall, in order to provide a safe and welcoming place to conduct events and activities. The following needs have been identified to achieve the objectives:

    • Provide a well-equipped place to conduct all parish related activities;
    • Make available a safe and healthy indoor place to hold scout group meetings and activities;
    • Improve the hall, so it become a more comfortable place, allowing a better usage of the space forgatherings, weddings, funerals and other occasions;
    • Offer the school a suitable indoor place, to carry out main events such as: plays, graduation ceremonies, etc.;
    • Allow parishioners as well as community members, to conduct activities and gatherings in a compatible indoor place.

Proposed budget

$US 55,107.90