Panneaux solaires ecoles Palestiniennes

PALESTINE – Following in the footsteps of some of the parishes and its schools in Jordan, three Latin Patriarchate schools in Palestine have opted for solar panels, namely in Beit Jala, Beit Sahour and Ramallah.

This initiative, which started in the Twelve Apostles parish in Zarqa in 2014, is still underway in the parishes in Jordan where installations of solar panels are expected to take place in Wasiyeh School, Madaba and Karak. This year, three Latin Patriarchate schools in Beit Jala, Beit Sahour and Ramallah (Ahliya College) were the first educational institutions to acquire this eco-friendly system in a bid to generate clean electricity by reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Moreover, the system represents a great opportunity to raise awareness among students about green energy technologies and the importance of reducing air pollution. By adopting this system these schools can save money and cut down on their electricity bills. The money saved could be redirected towards improving the environment of learning and education.

This project wouldn’t have been possible without the crucial support and donations of our benefactors.

Latin School Beit  Jala 3.jpegLatin School Beit Jala 1.jpegLatin School Beit Jala 2.jpegLatin School Beit Sahour 1.jpegLatin School Beit Sahour 2.jpegLatin School Beit Sahour 3.jpeg