TAYBEH, PALESTINE –  the Latin Patriarchate undertook the renovation of the parish hall, including new light, sound and video systems; air conditioning -heating and a new floor. The hall altogether was repainted and reequipped with new furniture, a small kitchen and bathroom.

There were necessary works for the maintenance of the hall but not only that. The parish residence indeed required a comprehensive refurbishing. This year the Latin Patriarchate executed also the general restoration of the parish priest house, thanks to the generous assistance from the Grand Magisterium of the Order of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem.
The new parish hall can host up to 60 people and features also a brand new gift shop for the pilgrims and parishioners alike. The concept of the new shop is to display and promote local products from Taybeh and a small library for the community to purchase religious items and literature.
The new facility was opened on the week of November 9th, with a warm reception to the religious communities of the parish. Along with the inauguration of the new hall, the pilgrims will now enjoy a short video of Taybeh in 6 languages as well as the new brochure of the Latin Parish, available for all visitors with relevant information on the village.
Fr. Aziz Halawe
Taybeh, November 13th, 2014