BEIT JALA – The work at Beit Jala Church started last month, January 2016.

The work at Beit Jala Church started last month. The Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem is intending to renovate the Church in order to increase the sanctuary seating capacity up to 350 people, improve functionality by enhancing the view of the altar from all sides of the church, promote safety and sustainability through proper plastering, electrical installations using quality materials.
The scope of work will include creating passage ways between the vaulted sides and leveling of the tile space between the altar sides, so as to have one level.
The main beneficiaries of this project are the parishioners, the Christian community in Beit Jala and the surrounding areas. The number of beneficiaries will increase during religious occasions, events and celebrations. The project will promote the Church’s presence in the community.

The LPJ engineering team has prepared a plan estimating 3 months of work in order to complete the proposed project. Meanwhile, daily masses and ceremonies are held in the Al-Bishara Hall until the work is finished.

Thanks to the private donations, this project was made possible.